Friday, June 19, 2009

East Newton Lake, Wyoming

After leaving Yellowstone I had figured that my fishing was over for the trip. We were continuing on to Janine's brother's ranch with an overnight stop in Cody, Wyoming. Although beautiful like I never imagined, I didn't expect much from the area especially after seeing that all the rivers were high and turbid. The wife gave me the OK to hit the local fly shop so I did. They confirmed what I had seen, but remarked that there was other fishing to be had in the area if a small lake would interest me. Why not! Everything in Wyoming must be really big because the fly shop just told me that the fish were "bigger" in East Newton but dumber in West Newton. The two lakes are practically connected. Being dumb myself I chose to try the lake with the bigger fish, East Newton. Blew up the pontoon again, threw on the waders and hit the water. The lake is about the size of Christmas Tree I would guess. The weather was perfect. First fish I catch is a "bigger" 24 inch rainbow trout that would probably tip the scales at over 5 pounds! He and the following fish all took the damsel nymph dropper. Gave my 4 weight rod a workout and even took about 10 feet of backing into the lake before the tide of battle turned. My first impression of the lake was that I was going to need a bigger net! My 20 inch net didn't hold a single fish! After 2 large rainbows and a phenomenal brown trout that I will never forget I paddled back to shore, sore. Of all the fishing spots on the Yellowstone trip, this one is my most fond, even though it wasn't in the park. Awesome!

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  1. hi,

    I'm in pinetop too. have you lived here long?

    I think that is a pretty fish.